About the 2018 edition

For the 2nd edition, JEC Asia returned to Seoul, gathering companies from the entire composites value chain to showcase their latest capabilities and innovations to strategic end-users’ market such as Automotive, Aeronautics, Renewable Energies, Building & Construction, Electrical & Electronic Equipment (EEE) as well as Sports & Leisure.

Every year, thousands of professionals from more than 230 companies in 49 countries come together in JEC Asia to network, exchange ideas, explore new opportunities and strengthen business partnerships.

2017 Key Figures:

  • 6,271 professional visits from 45 countries in 2017
  • More than 230 exhibiting companies from Asia, Europe and America
  • + 400 B2B Meetings organized
  • 5 conferences sessions, 43 international speakers, 876 participants


TRADE-SHOW | entirely dedicated to the whole Composites value chain.

CONFERENCES | conference sessions that help delegates keep up to date with the technological changes and innovations in the composites market.

BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES | conferences on the growth opportunities offered by the region’s major countries

JEC INNOVATION AWARDS | awards that have involved and benefited nearly 2,000 companies over the years.

B2B MEETINGS | program that offer participants to benefit from an individual schedule of meetings with targeted decision-makers from the End-Users Industries to enhance your ROI.

LIVE DEMOS & INNOVATION CORNER | an area featuring innovative capabilities from various composites industry players.

TECHNICAL POSTERS | a free poster session giving students, researchers and companies the possibility to display a technical poster on any Composites related subject.

STUDENTS PROGRAM | JEC Asia is teaming up with MAI Carbon to offer a brand-new Student Program that keeps abreast of composite-industry needs.

JEC AUTOMOTIVE COMPOSITES LEADERSHIP PROGRAM | For a review of all the progress made on the new requirements and challenges for the composite industry, we invite you to participate in JEC Asia’s special Automotive Composite Leadership Program.

COMPOSITES TOURS | exclusive industry leaders sites visits in South Korea

JOB CENTER | opportunities offered to companies to post their job openings. Participants will have the opportunity to distribute their resume if they are “on watch” or looking for a job.


Why participate

Highlight the diversity and the know-how of your company to the international Composites Industry

Position your company as a key and impactful partner of the Composites Community

Grow your business and catch new markets

Network and build strategic partnerships

Keep up to date on technological changes and innovations (in the composites market)

Gain competitive intelligence, technological foresight and benchmarking

Strike important business deals

For further information, please contact:

Nathalie Perraudin

Development Manager Asia


Why Seoul

South Korea clearly has a strong composites industry, with local processors supported by local carbon fiber and resin suppliers, and the country looks set to continue to be at the forefront of developments in composite materials and techniques.

The South Korean government has provided significant funding to boost the country’s carbon fiber industry.

The model of virtuous circles in South Korea is very successful: the development of Composites materials could only be possible thanks to the close relationship of the Golden triangle made of Government, Industry and Research together with Material Sciences and Engineering.

More over Seoul has the perfect infrastructure to welcome exhibitors and attendees with the high-quality standards that JEC Group offers at each of our events.

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Nathalie Perraudin

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Exhibition Opportunities

Create business opportunities by showcasing your products and services in the international event 100% dedicated to Composites in Asia Pacific and focusing on End-User markets.

Why Exhibit?

Highlight the diversity and the know-how of your company towards the international Composite Industry

Position your company as a key and impacting partner of the entire Composite Community

Grow your business

Meet new contacts that could become future partners

The 2017 exhibitors met their objectives and were satisfied.

Below some of the 2018 international exhibiting companies:

It’s time to book yours!

For further information, please contact:

Lin Zhu

International Sales Manager, JEC Asia



High-level conference sessions with presentations from renowned speakers from all over the world. The conference program is tailored to professionals willing to increase their knowledge on the potential of the composites materials.

Jec Asia Conferences
International Carbon Festival

In partnership with

JEC Asia conferences:

November 14th

11am - 12pm

ICF, International Carbon Festival

2pm - 6pm

ICF, International Carbon Festival

November 15th

9am - 12pm

Automotive composite application for structural parts

2pm - 5pm

Automotive: automated process

November 16th

9am - 12pm

Aeronautics: 53% and beyond

1pm - 3pm

Business opportunities (Raw materials, Process, Application, Countries, Region)

International Carbon Festival - Part 1

Carbon Fibres and other forms of carbon are extraordinary materials. But, there is still room for improvement both the materials and for effective application of them. The International Carbon Festival Conference covers the lastest developments.

Klaus Drechsler

From applied science to composite industrialization

  • Private Public Partnerships in Composite R&D
  • Latest material and process innovations
  • Recent learnings in technology transfer into industrialization
Hak-Sung Kim

Design and manufacture of automobile composite structures using finite element analysis based on multiscale mechanics

  • Automobile light weight fiber reinforced composite components
  • Progressive failure modelling of composites
  • Combined thermo-forming/structural analysis technique of composites
Guido Link

Microwave technology and it's potentials in fiber composite processing

  • Microwave Technology
  • Energy efficiency
  • Time saving
Ms Hyeyun Kim
Mr Sven Blank

Highly specialized vocational training - The german way to the future of composites

  • Vocational Training
  • Dual VET Pilot in South Korea
  • Dual Training for Carbon Composites Industry

Lunch break

International Carbon Festival - Part 2


Georg Lonsdorfer

The development and the significance of fiber composite technologies in modern aircraft construction

  • Aircraft construction
  • Fiber Composite technology
Franck Bourcier

FABHELI - Composite Propeller

  • Innovative composite propeller
  • Fuel savings
  • Noise reduction
Shunsuke Sakai

Thermal solution with Pitch based high thermal conductive fibers

  • Thermal solution for high-powered and smaller electronics components
  • High thermal conductive fiber from Pich base
  • Light weight and stiff materials for thermal management

Networking break

Vincent Perchenet

Sky high to deep sea: spoolable carbon fiber pultrusion reaches peaks

  • Carbon for wind blade
  • Carbon for elevator rope
  • Carbon for energy cables
Rich Grzanka

Emission Control Technologies for Carbon Fiber Processing

  • Air Pollution Control Techniques for Carbon Fiber
  • Reduce the Cost of Carbon Fiber Manufacturing
  • Lowering the Carbon Footprint from Carbon Fiber Processing
Frazer Barnes

Advances in Recycled Carbon Fibre for High Volume Electronic and Transportation Applications

  • TBC
Philippe Sanial

Innovative solutions for lighter and longer wind turbine blade

  • UD carbon fabrics with special stitching technology to enable spar cap thick infusions
  • UD carbon fabrics tailored to specific methods of manufacturing
  • Unbalanced glass and carbon NCF, shallow angles and thin plies to balance stiffness and strength of wind blade
Ji-Young Hwang

Improving Electrical Conductivity and Elasticity of Carbon Composites for Flexible and Stretchable Electronics

  • Flexible, stretchable and electrical conductive composite materials
  • Simple and cost-effective fabrication method
  • Wearable healthcare monitoring system

Automotive composite application for structural parts

OEMs and Tiers have no choice but to enlight their vehicles or at least their structures? On one hand, for thermal engines car, they need to reduce drastically their CO2 emissions. On the other hand, for electric or hybrid vehicle, they need to find solutions to counter the weight of the batteries. And, Composites are naturally a solution of choice.

Jonghyun Kim

Needs for Plastic Composite Materials for Future

  • Eco vehicle
  • Reducing weight
  • Multi material body
Mr Weizhuo Du

Multi-scale material modeling applied from Specimen to Full Car level

  • How to integrate multi-scale material modeling into the whole vehicle design process from the lowest level up to the most complex one on full car
  • How to get enough data in order to create an accurate multi-scale material model
  • How to keep design iteration loops as short as possible
Manuel Kesseler

Lighter weight with structural robustness achieved by Composite Body Solutions

  • Expandable structural reinforcement
  • Easy to be handled and applied for structural reinforcement
  • Lighter weight but higher structural strength
Danu Chotikapanich

An overview on how the composite industry will grow in the automotive sector

  • A case of competing Materials
  • Current Applications and current processes
  • How the automotive sector will apply composites in the future

Networking break

Jan Philipp Fuhr

Automotive Crash Simulation - Strategies, Existing Challenges, Solutions

  • Crash performance of composites is limited and offen reduces the feasibilty of composites in automotive applications
  • By utilizing Numerical Crash simulation coupled with numerical simulation, this burden can be overcome
  • The new methodology reduces development risk, engineering time and experimental iterations
Ashok Adur

Surface Modification of Glass Fibers & Other Reinforcements using Ethylene-Maleic Anhydride Alternating Copolymers for Automotive Parts in the Engine Compartment

  • Surface modification of glass fibers with ethylene-maleic anhydride alternating copolymers gives improved mechanical, thermal and chemical resistance
  • Such improvements are critical to withstand harsh environments of today’s hot engines to improve fuel economy and for superior strength-to-weight ratios for other high performance applications
  • Additional improvement scan be achieved by compounding the same additive in dry form to these composites
  • Similar benefits can also be achieved using similar surface treatment of other reinforcements
Jack Zeng

The Step Change To Sandwich Composites

  • Concept of sandwich composite and weight benefit for vehicles
  • Sandwich structure with thermoset and thermoplastic skins
  • Light weight core sandwich truck floor
Yong Sik Kong

SUV's 2nd row seat frame using hybrid composites

  • World 1st case for SUV seat frame using composites
  • 20% less weight and parts against steel frame
  • Light weight core sandwich truck floor

Lunch break

Automotive: Automated Process

The adoption of composites into the Automotive industry is still in its infancy; a higher degree of automation is required. This conference point the latest progresses out.

Sebastian Rothenberg

Vehicle Integration of Wireless Power Transfer Systems

  • Challenges of integration
  • GFRP solution
  • Testing
Hyun Woo Lee

PCM Molding Simulations and Part Molding Case Studies in Automotive Applications

  • Prepreg for PCM with Enhancing Various Functionalities
  • Quantification of Prepreg Molding Characteristics
  • Molding Simulations using Software Programs
  • Actual Applications of CFRP Automotive Parts
Emmanuel Flouvat

MF Tech Filament Winding Robot

  • MF Tech Presentation
  • Filament Winding Technologies
  • Filament Winding Robot
Guillaume Cledat

Elium resins for high production rate process: CRTM / Pultrusion and other developments

  • Fast RTM process with ELIUM resins
  • Thermoplastic pultrusion process with Elium resins
  • Elium composites recycling

Networking break

Alexander Chaloupka

Intelligent manufacturing of composites - A new sensor for high-volume manufacturing

  • Unique Dielectric Sensor
  • Process Control for high-volume manufacturing
  • Robust, intelligent and dynamic manufacturing
Philippe Castaing

Thermoplastic composite tailored preform stamping: process development and design optimization

  • Faster and better prospective design
  • Improve tailor composite preform design
  • Design to cost with integrated process know-how
Helge Haberkern

Battery boxes, Class-A surfaces and more: innovation with composite materials in the Automotive Industry

  • Automotive: Composite application for structural parts
  • Weight saving with composite materials in vehicles
  • Best practice on how to achieve Class-A surface quality

Aeronautics: 53% and beyond

Composites are a must in Aeronautics thanks to their intrinsic properties but there is still room for a greater adoption. New solutions are proposed.

Jesús Bravo

Dry Fiber in Automated Composites Lamination

  • Automated Fiber Placement. Dry Fiber advantages
  • Flexibility in manufacturing parts thanks to dock delivery heads with different tow widths
  • AFP operation in MS-21 now in production and fabrication of the monocoque one piece mold less fuselage with dry fiber (both winners of JEC 2018 Innovation Awards)
Ross Jones

Revolutionizing Production of High Performance, Hybrid Composite Structures with Stratasys Additive Manufacturing

  • Additive Manufacturing for hybrid composite structures
  • Multi-axis robotic motion control and deposition
  • Solutions for applications ranging from composite tooling to complex structures
Jerome Raynal

Taking the benefit of Thermoplastic Composites: Welding solutions

  • Thermoplastic composites for high perfomance
  • Overview of techniques
  • Focus on induction welding for aeronautics
Thorsten Groene

Automated 3D fiber layup concepts for aerospace based on Fiber Patch Placement technology

  • Fiber Patch Placement automates the fiber layup for complex aerospace composites – with scalable production systems and associated CAE software suite
  • The process works with a wide range of materials, catering to precise multi-material placement for aerospace sandwich structures
  • The ability to process residual AFP/ATL pregtow material significantly improves material utilization and process economics of both AFP/ATL and FPP

Networking break

Andreas Erber

Advanced fiber placement technologies to cope with high volume aerospace production

  • Introduction into Fiber Placement Technology and its challenges
  • New material systems for affordable aerospace composite components
  • State-of-the-Art and latest automation systems in the recently established Fiber Placement Center (FPC)
Mr Weizhuo Du

Material Simulation’s Advantage: An illustration with 3D Woven

  • The presentation will illustrate the efficiency of that workflow applied on real weave patterns
  • The methodology is extended to the prediction of the failure behavior, but also to the prediction of residual stresses at the end of the cooling stage of the curing cycle
  • Finally, a comparison of the time required for the execution of the virtual testing comparison and the real required for the generation of some experimental results will be given
Abdelatif Atarsia

Machining Composites, still a unique solution to get final parts

  • Composite machining for aerospace parts
  • Machining Process optimization
  • The way to cost per part saving

Lunch break

Business opportunities (Raw materials, Process, Application, Countries, Region)

David-Pierre Jalicon


  • TBC
Yoav Boazy

Entering the Digital Factory Era: Thinking AI, Implementing AI

  • Introduction to Industrial IoT and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies
  • Real life examples of implementation challenges
  • Discussion of new technological opportunities
Charlie Anderton

Detecting and Reducing Manufacturing Artifacts Through Software

  • Uncover artifacts created by the manufacturing AFP and ATL processes like gaps, overlaps, and material steering
  • Mitigate and reduce manufacturing artifacts
  • Validate part performance through analysis
Klaus Ritter

Innovations in the Entire Filament Winding Process

  • Filament Winding
  • Automation
  • Innovation
Sung Kyu Ha

Prototype Development of Carbon fiber Composite Subframe Automotive Part

  • Carbon fiber composite subframe
  • Recyclable Elium Thermoplastics
  • Innovative NCF
Supadawee Khunrattanaphon

A comprehensive overview of composite player in Thailand

  • Composite Market Structure of Thailand
  • An introduction to key composite companies in Thailand
  • JEC Forum Bangkok 3-5 July 2019: Greatest opportunity to explore Thailand
Tetsuo Kobayashi

Toward Class A surface with THERMOPLASTIC Composite

  • Good results achieved with press forming and injection
  • Clear coat validated
  • Suitable for structured surface of different grains
Andrew Mafeld

The global prospects for carbon fibre pressure vessels in vehicles powered by alternative fuels

  • Alternative fuel & fuel infrastructure developments by global region
  • Carbon fibre based pressure vessel developments by vehicle segment
  • Market demand scenarios for carbon fibre pressure vessels
Ben Walsh

UK-South Korea opportunities for collaboration and innovation

  • Overview of UK Government Industrial strategy
  • The UK’s support for innovation
  • Description of how Korean companies can collaborate with UK companies and institutes

JEC Programs

B2B Meetings

The B2B MEETINGS program is a free of charge business meetings service between buyers and exhibitors. The service will allow you to optimize your visit with a schedule of meetings organized with exhibitors according to their needs and their availabilities. Both Visitors and Exhibitors registered will have the opportunity to access the B2B Meeting platform to help them in this process.

This program brings together every year local and international decision-makers from Large Groups, SMEs, academics and investors.

450 meetings have been organized by JEC in 2018

Participants save time by organizing your own schedule of targeted meetings with pre-selected exhibitors

For further information, please contact:

Innovation Planets

Be visible amongst 6000 high-level professional visitors

Display parts or final products, be at the purchasers first stop and reach end-users

The JEC Asia Innovation Corner presents the latest innovative composite solutions at the heart of the Show.

Companies are offered the opportunity to exhibit pieces or machines and benefit from:

ENHANCING your visibility in a showcase at the heart of the exhibition

TAKING ADVANTAGE of a broad communication plan in all JEC media and on site

BENEFITING from JEC technical support to best display your innovation

For further information, please contact:

Franck Glowacz

Innovation Content Leader


Students Program

In partnership with:

Demand for young, committed engineers who are well-trained is high among composite-material manufacturers. To meet this demand, JEC Asia is teaming up with MAI Carbon to offer a brand-new Student Program that keeps abreast of composite-industry needs.

The Student Program targets students who want to supplement their course studies by learning more about fiber-reinforced composites. The two-part program includes workshops with a focus on theoretical foundations and a through, and a guided tour through the JEC Asia trade show and the innovation planet.

The main aim of the Workshop will be to give the Students an overview about the field of Carbon Composites: Therefore, following issues will be presented:

Usage of Carbon Composites in the Industry

Advantages and disadvantages of CFRP (and glas too)

Particularities of anisotropic materials especially of fibre reinforced Materials

Overview about the production of Carbon Fibres

Overview about production processes for CFRP parts

Overview about recycling methods

Development of the production prices in the last years


Sven Blanck
Tjark Von Reden


10am - 11:50am

Lobby Room 308C (Level 3)


10am - 11:30am

Lobby Room 308C (Level 3)


10am - 11:30am

Lobby Room 308C (Level 3)

We also will give the Students the opportunity of some haptic experience due to different examples and learning stations. At the end the Students will have the chance to learn more about Carbon Companies at a guided tour over the fair.

Anne-Carole Barbarin

Program Director



Delegate Promosalon South Korea


JEC Automotive Composites Leadership Program


Composite materials are being used more and more in transportation, especially in the automotive industry. They have contributed to vehicle development, making many things possible in terms of design, durability, performance and weight reduction.

Composites offer a broad range of applications for the different technologies, along with the added value of high-tech simulation, optimization and production techniques.

Since the early 21st century, we have witnessed radical changes in the automotive industry, such as electrification, new modes of transport, and the development of connected and self-driving vehicles.

For a review of all the progress made on the new requirements and challenges for the composite industry, we invite you to participate in JEC Asia’s special Automotive Composite Leadership Program.

The program will provide a great plarform for Networking and opportunities to exchange knowledge, designed to bring you the latest information about the most innovative composite automotive projects in South Korea, Asia and worldwide:

For further information, please contact:

Nathalie Perraudin

Development Manager


Composites Tours

Nov 13: Hanyang University



Innovation Awards

In partnership with:


A Long-Established and worldwide Program

Be part of the 1,800 companies worldwide that have been involved by the JEC Innovation Program the past 15 years!

A simple goal: Identify, promote, and reward the most innovative composite solutions in Asia.

Over 15 years, the JEC Innovation Program has involved 1,800 companies worldwide. 177 companies and 433 partners have been rewarded for the excellence of their composite innovations.

Created in 1998, the goals of this top-level innovation program are to:

Identify, promote, and reward the most innovative composite solutions worldwide

Support companies that are involved in composite innovation along with their partners, and also enhance their public exposure

Contribute to the advancement of the composite industry

Every year, JEC rewards the best cutting-edge and ingenious projects using composites to their full potential. Winning gives these endeavors a worldwide recognition thanks to a high quality, established brand.

Multiple benefits of winning an Innovation Award

Winners gain significant visibility thanks to the extensive promotion allocated to the successful projects in our various media:

JEC Composites website: +40,000 unique visitors per month

JEC Composites Magazine: +46,000+ certified copies

Newsletter: +24,500 readers

A dedicated section in the Visitor’s Guide

Prize giving ceremony during the Show

The companies chosen and their partners benefit from:

Visibility on the international scene

International recognition and greater public exposure

Access to business opportunities and potential partners

Business growth

Customer confidence

For further information, please contact:

Franck Glowacz

Innovation Content Leader


The 12 Winners

Twelve companies from eight different countries received a JEC Innovation Award at JEC Asia 2018. The Asia-Pacific region is subject to the same challenges we all have to face: global warming, megacities, environmental concerns… And there too, with local peculiarities, composites can bring solutions.

JEC Group chose to highlight the following application sectors this year: additive manufacturing, aerospace, automotive, e-mobility, industrial equipment, infrastructure & civil engineering, marine, railway, sports & leisure, sustainability, and trucks. Here are more details about the winning innovations.

ADDITIVE MANUFACTURING | e-Xstream Engineering (Luxembourg) - Digimat for additive manufacturing

AEROSPACE – STRUCTURAL | CSIR National Aerospace Laboratories (India) - Partner: Aeronautical Development Agency (India) - Innovative co-cured engine bay door

AEROSPACE – TOOLING | Ascent Aerospace – Coast Composites (USA) - HyVarC hybrid Invar/composite layup moulds

AUTOMOTIVE | Action Composites (China) - Partners: Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG (Germany) / c-m-p GmbH (Germany) / KLK Motorsport GmbH (Germany) / IAB GmbH (Germany) / FLURO-Gelenklager GmbH (Germany) / Zund Thailand (Thailand) - Mass production of CFRP stabilizers and droplinks

AUTOMOTIVE - COMMERCIAL VEHICLE | Kolon (South Korea) - Partners: Hyundai Motor Group (South Korea) / SK Chemicals (South Korea) - Smart hybrid composite leaf spring for vehicles

E-MOBILITY | Daimler AG (Germany) - Partner: Quadrant Plastic Composites AG (Switzerland) - Vehicle-integrated inductive charging

INDUSTRIAL EQUIPMENT | Composite Technology Center Stade – An Airbus Company (Germany) - Partners: Airbus Operations GmbH (Germany) / Laboratory of Manufacturing Technology / Helmut Schmidt University Hamburg (Germany) / Audi AG (Germany) / Volkswagen AG (Germany) - High-performance lightweight robot gripper system

INFRASTRUCTURE & CIVIL ENGINEERING | Centre for Future Materials (Australia) - Partner: Joinlox Pty Ltd. (Australia) - Easy-fit and self-locking composite jacket

MARINE | Loiretech (France) - Partners: DGA (France) / Meca (France) / Naval Group (France) - FABHELI composite propeller

RAILWAY | Saertex GmbH & Co (Germany) - Partners: Forster System-Montage-T (Germany) / Alan Harper (UK) - Breakthrough in railways: renovation of the ICE

SPORTS & LEISURE | DYETEC Institute (Korea Dyeing and Finishing Technology Institute) (South Korea) - Partners: Standard Graphene (South Korea) / T4L Co., Ltd. (South Korea) / AMRC (UK & South Korea) / Shina t&c (South Korea) - Innovative CFRP manufacturing method for lightweight, high-stiffness drone structures using graphene oxide (GO)

SUSTAINABILITY | Premium Aerotec GmbH (Germany) - Partner: Cevotec (Germany) - Recycling AFP residual tape with patch placement

Or contact:
Franck Glowacz

Practical Information

Entrance to the Show: please use East Gate – Hall C

Show location: 3rd Floor – Halls C1, C2 & D1


Access to the venue


By Car

From Incheon




By Subway



  • LINE N°9 BONGEUNSA STATION – Exit 1, 6, 7


By Bus


  • In front of Grand Intercontinental Hotel – Bus Stop 23201

  • COEX Artium (Trade Center) – Bus Stop 23199

  • COEX E. Gate – Bus Stop 23198

  • KEPCO – Bus Stop 23197

Exhibiting & Sponsorship Opportunities

Christian Strassburger

Events Director, Asia


Frédéric Reux

Media Director & Editor-in-Chief

Innovation Awards

Franck Glowacz

Innovation Content Leader


Nathalie Perraudin

Development Manager


Soizic Nahélou - Hess

Exhibitions Technical Manager

Exhibitor’s support

Exhibitions Technical Manager

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